Dec 19

Compact Guide Cylinder for EXTREME uses

The compact guided cylinders of the CC series can be fitted with metal scrapers, as well as the ISO 15552 and ISO 21287 cylinders!!


The scraper, made with a steel body, contains two very important components:
– one brass scraper to keep the rod clean
– one NBR sealing to prevent leakings


Its advantages are:


– The cylinders’ rods are kept extremely clean thanks to the brass ring which has a slightly smaller diameter rather than cylinder’s guides, allowing a strong and precise cleaning.


– The perfect application in harsh environments such as welding, agriculture or in presence of ice and all other materials that stick to cylinder’s rod surface.


– The extraordinary duration also after hundreds of thousands cycles the scraper is able to remove any deposit present on the rod allowing normal functioning.



Discover the metal scraper mounted on ISO 15552 and ISO 21287 cylinders.


Watch the metal scraper in action in this video.


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