Dec 21

Road to 2022: technology, digitization and continuous updating

Airwork looks forward to the new year with new projects and many goals already achieved

This time of year is the right moment to take stock of the situation, to look back with pride to what has been achieved and not to forget to keep our eyes on the future, the New Year and the so-called “good intentions” of the Company. 

This 2021, despite the economic repercussions of the pandemic are continuing, is closing with excellent results for Airwork with the strengthening of partnerships with existing customers and the birth of new collaborations. This has pushed us both to realize small structural revolutions and to confirm the strengths already present, in view of continuous improvement of products, services and satisfaction within the Company.

Goals achieved in 2021

Here are the areas in which 2021 has seen us grow and change:

– Digital marketing: we have introduced new tools and collaborated with new partners with the aim to improve our digital communication and user experience on the site

– Enterprise Digitization: today you can configure online and independently Airwork products through a 3D CAD configurator developed on CADENAS eCATALOGsolution

– New tools and new machinery: we have introduced the new “Salesforce” CRM to support the Sales Department to improve and automate the sales and customer journey process.
The machinery has been implemented by introducing new equipment alongside the existing ones to improve and optimize machining and production times

– Training: team refresher courses held in 2021 covering security, GDPR, computer systems and engineering

– Smartworking: the implementation of flexible work policies has proven to be much more than a necessity dictated by the emergency and distance, becoming an efficient operating mode, now fully incorporated into current and future business practice.

– Sustainability: from the purchase of paper glasses, to the water dispenser replaced with a filter for running water, up to the elimination of almost 1,500 bottles of water with an estimated saving of 1 ton of plastic, our environmental sustainability policies evolve every day, passing through the small daily gestures of each one.

– Internal quality and certifications: the ISO 9001:2015 certification has been confirmed and the products available with ATEX certification have officially entered the catalogue.

Airwork: the experience of people, the innovation of pneumatic cylinders

Small and large achievements have been reached thanks to our people, the real value at the base of our Company, always supported by Airwork with new equipment and continuous innovations in technological equipment. A perfect union between human resources and instruments that in 2021 has allowed us to update several products in the catalogue and create new ones.

The products updated in 2021:

Stopper Cylinders

Lock valves

Additional cylinder versions ISO 6432 series MC

Pedal Valves

New products made in 2021:

– New ATEX range 
ISO 15552 CF and CG series pneumatic cylinders
Air Blow Guns

The projects planned for 2022

The underlying philosophy that has enabled us to achieve these objectives will not be abandoned during next year. For 2022, in fact, we already have several projects in the pipeline that will give continuity to what has been good so far in terms of training, constant improvement of the product and new products in the catalogue.

Here’s what we want to improve in 2022:

– Internal training: we will continue the process of technical and digital updating of our employees

– External training: we will continue to train the young resources of the future both in schools and in the Company with the project Airwork Academy, realized in collaboration with Consorzio Desio-Brianza. The connection between the school and business world is supported by the activation of curricular internships, apprenticeships and projects of school-work alternating. We consider the new generations of potential “Airworkers” our greatest strength for the future.

– Existing products: we will introduce new versions of the current products, technically improved and updated. This will allow to implement optimizations that can lengthen the life of products, also reducing maintenance costs.

– New products: the study of market trends and special projects carried out in partnership with our customers, will help our technical department, not only in the realization of new products to be included in the Airwork catalogue, but also special versions designed according to specific customer requirements

– Sector variants: technical variants of our products will be developed for special and extreme working environments.

Digital communication to meet the challenges of the future

There are many initiatives that will be increasingly supported by digital marketing, on which we decided to focus even more incisively, and which will see our communication ranging from technical blog, newsletters and social networks.

In short, the future of Airwork is digital, innovative and technological, but it remains linked to the experience and constant commitment of the people who work here, with the constant aim to provide the customer withhigh-performance and quality pneumatic components and to support the new generations in their growth in this sector.


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