Why this sentence? And why matching pictures of pneumatic products to athletes? Many of you will surely have understood it, but we still want to talk about it because we think it’s really worth.
Well, the precision of movements is for sure the key aspect for an athlete, which determines his success or failure during a competition; it is then clear that the athlete dedicates his entire career to improve his moves for obtaining his goal, namely to win !!!!!
For our pneumatic products the spirit is not different, because our objective is the performance of our products. This because we can define as precise movement the linear movement of a cylinder that moves out and retracts at a constant speed without vibration even in the presence of radial loads.
Precise is also the movement of our compact guided cylinder with brass bushing, precise as the movement of all our ISO cylinders  which are assembled with high efficiency grease and low friction seals, and precise as the movement of our hydraulic speed regulators which allow the right speed of movement with the support of a closed hydraulic circuit.
All of these are examples which show how Airwork has always considered the precision of movement an important aspect that leads our customers to full satisfaction. This is our victory.

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