Sectors of application

Airwork works every day alongside your industry and all its standards to provide the best automation solution suited to your application.

Our range of products, systems and services of maximum productivity and efficiency.

automotive & car service

The automotive field, which is extremely important especially for the Italian industrial chain, is able to create a fundamental branch for many small and medium-sized companies distributed throughout Italy.

Companies in this sector need reliable and robust components that prevent extremely expensive downtime.

The experience in the production of pneumatic cylinders and components with high efficiency and resistance, combined with severe endurance tests conducted in Airwork before approval, are a guarantee of reliability.

The most common products normally used in the automotive & car service industry are:

food & beverage

Food & beverage is an industry that requires precision, quality, extreme cleanliness and hygiene. It is for this reason that the choice of using stainless steel components is fundamental.

Airwork’s experience in the food industry allows us to offer excellent solutions and the highest quality.

Airwork products are therefore optimal in all applications both at high and low temperatures and we can support companies during the automation of the entire production process.

The most common products normally used in the food & beverage industry are:

special machines

In this sector there are many types of machinery usually studied and produced according to Customer requests and needs.

The fields of application can be many, for example: robotics, manipulators, machines for the processing of plastics and rubber, industrial laundries, footwear, printing, etc…

We are attentive to the continuous technological innovation and to the needs of flexible and economic automations that can better adapt to our Customers business.

We manufacture cylinders for special applications that can adapt to engineering needs, offering products with high resistance and reliability over time.

The most common products normally used in the special machines industry are:

packaging & labelling

It is an extremely technological industry that includes all manufacturers of machinery dealing with the packaging and labelling of all consumer products that are usually on the market.

Packaging & labelling machines must operate at high speed and precision: high-performance pneumatic components are therefore required for durability, speed and performance.

In this context, compact and small products are required without detracting from the strength that is usually found in bigger items.

The most common products normally used in the packaging & labelling industry are: